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Divorced Sugar Mummy In Maryland, USA

Divorced Sugar Mummy In Maryland, USA - This 52 years old sugar mummy in Baltimore, Maryland, USA is currently single. A divorced mom of one, she is willing to build a relationship with a man who is also single and baggage free.
Beautiful and rich, this USA sugar mummy is searching for a man who can l0ve her immensely, can spend quality time and is loyal.

USA Sugar Mummy Describes Herself
I'm a very sweet woman who wants to be l0ved, have fun, and enjoy being with a good honest caring gentleman.
I have two tattoos that you'll have to find lol, and I like the water. Beach, pool, lake, doesn't matter. I also like Marvel and DC comics, the Fast and Furious franchise, everything else in between, and old black and white comedy movies. Feel free to ask me anything, I don't bite!

Goodness, I like muscles!! Who doesn't? Looks are great but not the most important thing when looking for a man. I care more about the person inside. Your state of mind, views on subjects and life, and of course your views about women. I prefer someone who is not afraid to show affection in public. You can be as tough with everyone else as you want, but always a sweetheart with me. Most importantly is someone who is clean, smells good, and has a sense of humor! Just really want a good guy who is ok with tattoos, dresses for the occasion and is protective.

If you are interested in dating this sugar mummy in Maryland, USA, just drop a valid contact email in the comment section below.

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