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Suger mom in USA  - This wealthy single sugar momma is definitely ready to start up a new, healthy and long term relationship with the right kind of person right away in Pennsylvania, the United States of America. Have you been seriously looking for a rich sugar mummy in USA? Search no more, this sugar momma website has just the most ideal sugar mum here in USA who is capable to take absolute care of you!

This suger mom is simply known as Miss Apple, a 43 year old single lady who resides in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, USA. Miss Apple is very much open to starting a new relationship as soon as possible with you, if you are truly interested in dating sugar mummy here in the United States. 

Meet Miss Apple: Suger Mom In Pennsylvania, USA

Outgoing, fun, determined, passionate, intelligent, silly, adventurous, spontaneous, go-getter type. I am looking for a loyal, affectionate, established man who is also looking for affection, fun, dedication and adventure.

I am established career wise but looking to better our future together as a team!

Looking for someone with goals, aspirations and motivations is important to me. Perhaps we can work together to build our empire.

I have beautiful brown piercing eyes (so I've been told), and a smile with a cute dimple.

I recently joined the gym and like to work out.

I'd like to workout as a couple. That would be magnificent and fun.

I am down to earth and care for others. I have a positive can do attitude.

I'm an open book and can answer just about anything.

I am ready mentally and emotionally to find someone worthy of what I have to give. Communication is a must.

I am looking for someone who is motivated/driven like myself, passionate, caring, affectionate, loyal, fun, has a good sense of humor so we can laugh together.

Someone that wants to build a future together where we are that power couple!

Someone who is intelligent, vibrant and can hold a conversation.

A gentlemen, not shy, but passionate.

Someone who loves to talk, and be together.

Someone who can have fun! Who enjoys adventure and a little adrenaline.

(I've sky dived, flown an extra 300L airplane for fun, ziplined, bungee jumped, atv's, etc and generally like doing adventurous things).

I like to travel and experience different cultures. I am open minded and willing to try new things.

I like holding hands, pda and affection. So if you don't, you can move along.

I'm looking for a man of ethics and one who believes in positivity.

A man that is fun, has a zest for life, open minded, positive, a good role model but also passionate.

I'm not looking to get into a long distance relationship, but if you are truly open to relocation and travel short term, we can talk. it's so much easier to date when we are local.

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