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WhatsApp Number Of Single Lady In France

 WhatsApp Number Of Single Lady In France

This beautiful single lady, aged 39, is looking for a man who can be with her in a long term relationship. She resides in Paris, Ile-De-France, France and is eagerly anticipating to kickstart a relationship with her very own Prince Charming. She is an independent and rich lady who is just seeking true love and the happiness that comes with dating a man who truly loves one. 

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This single French woman would first like to get to know the potential selected young man on a very high level. As a single young lady who has had her heart broken and her trust betrayed, this French woman in Paris is understandably cautious and would prefer to start out as friends and then see how the relationship progresses. She has given out her WhatsApp and direct phone numbers for easier communication and acquaintance. 

This single lady also told us a few things about herself and her idea of the perfect man for her, she says : "Honest, loyal, sensitive, smart, fun and easy going. I love travelling, discovering new cultures and learning other languages.

I'm also fond of music and dancing (mostly reggae, dancehall, soul, hip hop, afro, latino, rnb). 

I've always been an independent woman. I'm a passionate and very open minded person.

I am a very kind and caring person, but I need a lot of attention and affection. I think that's my biggest problem lol. I'm always open to go on adventures and do new stuff but I also cherish the chilled moments, especially watching a movie at home with my man. I can be goofy and really funny when you know me well. As I said, I'm straight forward, intense and passionate, so life can sometimes be like a roller coaster with me, but worthy because you won't get bored. 

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I am seeking for an honest and kind Black or Polynesian man, who would share my interests. Someone who knows what it is to give, to care, show affection with consistency and to be loyal. This is the first thing I'm looking for in a man, because I'm tired of all the lies and betrayals.

I'd like someone I can do a million things with, and especially travelling."

If you want to find out more about this single lady in Paris, France - get her WhatsApp and direct phone numbers, go on a date as soon as possible, then quickly state your interest below. Provide a valid contact email and we would swiftly get in touch with you. 

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